Tuesday, April 7, 2020

VC Innovation fund and its contribution to developing the future of the students

The NorthCap University provides a broad curriculum for students to acquire knowledge and guides to develop skills for the corporate world. The Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Scheme is one such initiative from the university to encourage the shaping of innovative ideas and to carry out basic research. Ten million Indian rupees fund is offered under this scheme aiming to encourage innovative ideas amongst research workers, faculty members, and students to seed research activity. The funding from the VC Innovation Fund acts as an initial grant to nurture ideas, passion & convert products into startups. The funded projects may also attract industries for commercialization of the product so made. The outcome of the scheme will be the nucleation of new ideas that can be transformed into commercial applications which are beneficial to society.

The scheme benefits students get to jump-start their career. The project ideas that students develop over the duration, sharpens the essential technical skills that students require in corporations.

 Furthermore, the scheme also promotes students to learn communication and management skills as the projects are regularly monitored. This opportunity also initiates the filing of a patent based on the idea/prototype made, provides support in participating in various National or International competitions and other methods of interacting with the outside world. The university not only provides financial support to realize the idea but also provides space to incubate and technical support to design and implement the idea to come up with a product of social cause and other related thrust areas.

EECE Dept. is one of the Dept. in The NorthCap University, which aims to earn a maximum of the funds under this scheme wherein the projects are mainly an amalgamation of hardware and software aiming to deliver a product for further commercialization. Some of the sanctioned projects under this scheme include power generation using speed breaker, smart car management system, Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) Disciplined Oscillator, Security box, Design and Development of low power WSN Mote, etc.

In conclusion, the VC innovation scheme has provided all the appropriate opportunities for a student to gain practical knowledge and thus helping them shape their careers.

Written by:

Dr. Anjali Garg, 

Ms. Ritika Sharma, 
Student-EECE Department

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