Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Proud Moment for the NCU Family!

Ram Karan Singh, Professor Department of Civil and Environment Engineering, The NorthCap University (NCU), India along with multidisciplinary research team published a patent no 202011006274 (The Patent Office Journal No. 09/2020 Dated 28/02/2020), 11139 पेटेंट, IBF-VEHICLE INTELLIGENT BALANCING VEHICLE FRAME, field of invention electrical, ordinary application, dated 28.02.20220, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India.According to an aspect of this invention, there is provided a self-balancing vehicle Frame that facilitates to adapt to two pedals, two handles, two wheels and two self-balancing electrical systems for automatically controlling rotation of the wheels to maintain the vehicle in a balanced state, the self-balancing vehicle Frame comprising: two side Frame units, each of the side Frame units being adapted to be mounted with a respective wheel and a respective self-balancing electrical system integrated with the pedals allowing the user to stand to tilt forwardly and rearward thus driving synchronously forward and rearward tilt of the respective one self-balancing electrical system to activate rotation of the respective one wheel; and a bearing unit, before being assembled into a complete vehicle and while being under a subassembly condition, interconnecting and located between the side Frame units such that each of the side Frame units can tilt independently against the other of the side Frame units; and after said bearing unit is assembled into a complete self-balancing vehicle and in working status, the rotating axis of the bearing unit being set around the rotating axis of the wheels with an eccentricity.

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