Thursday, March 26, 2020

The NorthCap University Shifts from Regular Classroom teaching to online teaching

During this time of a pandemic (COVID-19), being the citizens of India it’s our social responsibility to take care of those who are around us and ourselves gave that the initiative had to be taken. So, as directed by the Govt., the University decided to suspend all regular classes from 16th March 2020 onwards. 

I think online classes have given everyone a reason to stay focused on their normal schedule. The Northcap University was ready and took great measures to practice social distancing and still be able to grow minds by sharing online academic platform. 

Understanding the fact that the whole process of online classes sometimes is not on the track being habitual of the offline classes, the teachers are keeping a check on every student’s personal growth and making sure that the lectures are being delivered with full understanding from both sides. Regular assignments and doubt calls to coordinate regarding the same are helping us out to get a hold on the situation. 

Before switching to the online classes completely the university held test runs with the students in order to get them used to this concept and using the Microsoft Team software has made it far easier for the IT team as well the teachers and students to deal with any backlog or interference. There is no chance anyone misses their class as they get notified by the software and faculties via text/ email. 

Personally I think if this system works out then we can cover most of the classes via this software when we can’t go to college due to some reason this will help us grow the future possibilities in the academic as well as regular terrain. 

As a student myself I find online classes to be a comfortable source knowing that I will be safe at home and studying with my classmates. We can exchange notes as well as communicate personally; this setup is giving everyone at the similar experience of a class just virtually. 

I am sure once again we have proven that technology has never disappointed us in the case of any problems NCU has always emphasized on practices and this time this is helping us out to find solutions in this time frame. 

You Quarantine while you learn and you don’t do it alone. 
By Yukti Bhasin (Student of Final Year BTech ECE)

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