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Personality Development of Students through Professional Societies in The NorthCap University

The role of professional societies in a student’s life is significant. Professional organizations play a supporting role in shaping the personality of various students and making them enhance their skills even more so that they can expose themselves to an environment that is valid for nurturing and developing the cognitive abilities of the students.

In some ways, professional societies have a more precise overview of trends in their fields than universities. Professional societies are very prominent, and the activities carried out in them are unique in themselves. The events held in a professional community are not only on a large scale but also imbibe so many great qualities within a student. It develops great confidence, magnificent personality and extraordinary communication skills. It is these traits which are of utmost relevance and nourishes a student in and out. We all know that academic learning is essential. , but it is these characteristics that matter more than anything else. When we step out of the university and face the real world, we observe that such qualities are a necessity. This is so because conventional pen-paper learning is entirely different from the actual professional world. What is required there are the soft skills and its good command over it.

The status of professional societies brings about excellent leverage for designing and promoting change through publications, meetings, committees, lectures, and awards. One of the main coordinators of the Institution of Engineers (India) society Pulkit Garg shares his thoughts about the professional societies, ‘Professional Societies conduct many activities like Technical/GK quizzes, Workshops, Guest Lectures by professionals, Industrial Visits, Group Discussions, etc. Various programs organized by societies provide the students with a platform for better learning and gain knowledge in the latest technologies in various fields. Professional societies play an important role in shaping the personality of students and being a college student. Every student should join a professional society for his/her overall development.’

Another main coordinator of the Institution of Engineers (India) society and member of other professional societies at The NorthCap University, Prashast Sharda shares his experiences: ‘My experience of being an active part of various societies has brought me tons of experience by providing me opportunities that I would not have otherwise received. Professional societies have honoured me by placing me in roles whereby I am going to improve my communication skills, leadership qualities, time management, which has improved my personal life and student life and surely will help in my corporate life in the future.’

Hence, a student to be a part of one or more of these professional societies in the universities. A student’s personality gets nourished and evolved by being a part of these societies. It brings immense confidence in how to talk with others, enhances the personality traits, and gives the student the correct way of how to present oneself. Professional societies give you the right exposure to be a better version of yourself and bring the best in oneself.

There are numerous active professional societies in The NorthCap University, such as SPIE, ACM, IEEE, SAE/ ISIE, SPACE, Moot Court, CSI, IEI, Enactus, ASQ, ISHRAE, OSA, IRSC, and EWB.  Two societies, namely SPIE- the International Society for Optics and Photonics and IEI- Institution of Engineers (India), are managed and coordinated by the EECE dept. at the university.

The NorthCap University has established four chapters of IEI in May 2018, one each in ECE, CSE, ME, and CE departments. All the IEI chapters in the university organize various events throughout the year, including Guest lectures on latest technologies, Technical/GK quizzes, Aptitude tests, Project competitions, Workshops on topics such as Raspberry Pi, MATLAB, Internet of Things, Group discussions, Display of information in society fests, Celebration of World Telecommunication day, Engineer’s day, etc. IEI chapters also stand for social causes such as initiating the campaign for ‘Water Conservation and No Single-use Plastic’.

SPIE NCU Chapter was founded in 2014, which is rising every year. During the year around, students are organizing various events like guest lectures, quiz, workshops to aware other community with the benefits of SPIE and spread the word among students to contribute to SPIE. Every year SPIE is allowing  their student members to come up with research papers and represent their chapter in the conferences in Photonics West USA, JAPAN, etc. by presenting posters and once a year, they are getting travel grants to sponsor their trip.  Last year, Ms. Yashika and Ms. Chinmayi from the EECE department represented the NCU student chapter in YOKOHAMA, JAPAN. Students are getting exposure to different opportunities for internships, placements and have built excellent relationships with the well-renowned industry and academia.

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Written by

Dr. Vandana Khanna, 
Assistant Professor, EECE Department 
at The NorthCap University

Written by

Ms. Aparna Sharma, 
Student of 4th year EECE Department
The NorthCap University

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