Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Journey at NCU: Towards a Meaningful Life

It is often said that the foundation of a building requires maximum investment and minimum compromise with quality. Today, while I enjoy the fruits of achieving big in my profession, I feel proud to recollect the time when my career’s foundation was being laid at NCU. Law as a career was never an option for me until I came across a bunch of students formally dressed up in a Lawyer’s attire having a group discussion on a contemporary issue.

The professionalism showcased by my young fellow mates at that point was such that the very next day I started enquiring about the procedure of migrating from the programme in which I was admitted initially, to the School of Law. Within a week, the quality investments towards time management, knowledge, professionalism, discipline, career building and skill polishing were already in place for us. One of the most innovative endeavors taken by the law faculty at The NorthCap University was to regularly execute out of classroom learning techniques.

As a student, I found this approach quite intellectual and rewarding. Almost every week, Guest Lectures, Moot Courts, Competitions and Seminars were organized, where we had the flavour of not just organizing events but also participating in the same. I bagged five confirmed job opportunities along with the maximum CTC ever received by any NCU alumni, thereby, proving that the foundation of my career couldn’t have been better if the formula of maximum investment and minimum compromise with quality hadn’t been followed so diligently by my alma mater.

The writer is a lawyer practicing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and has recently established his law firm.

Name – Mandeep Kalra
Batch - 2011 to 16
School of Law

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