Friday, June 14, 2019

NCU-ME- Industrial and production Engineering

India is moving towards Make in India plan for prospective future of young generation in the field of Industrial and production engineering (IPE). The scope of IPE is emerging day by day due to the revolution in advance technologies in manufacturing. Production and industrial engineers are being preferred by most industries due to having capabilities to manage and optimize the available resources. Moreover, the activities related to operations are handled by these engineers which is a big asset to the industries. Currently, the industrial and production revolution is shifting towards additive manufacturing (3-D Printing and others) which again opens the gate to the bright future. To fulfill the requirements of industries, at the mechanical engineering department we offer a specialization in Industrial and Production engineering. Recently, we have developed special courses like 3-D printing, Supply chain management, etc. keeping in mind the industries requirements.
Hereby, we aspire students to make the future in the field of industrial and production engineering.

Dr. Vikas Sharma,
The Departmental of Mechanical Engineering,
School of Engineering and Technology,
The NorthCap University

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