Tuesday, May 14, 2019

NCU-SOM – Towards a Choice Base Career Planning!

NCU-SOM – Taking UGC’s Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) seriously, The NorthCap University (Formerly ITM University) Gurugram has evolved the most attractive MBA programme for Management aspirants. The UGC CBCS requires that Universities prepare their curriculum structure where in students can choose and select a variety of courses from a long list of options and thereby deciding the specific discipline s/he wants to focus on. NCU-SOM thus provides a unique opportunity to students to develop her/his niche knowledge base by strategically selecting from the available courses of study. Openly practicing interdisciplinary approach, students are able to prepare themselves for specific job roles in industry sectors of their choice and liking. To add to this opportunity for creating a strong base of knowledge in a particular sector, like the icing on the cake NCU SOM offers several soft-skills oriented courses and career focused courses to choose from.

 Additionally the School of Professional Attachment prepares students for total industry readiness. No wonder NCU-SOM is able to boast 100 % placements of all eligible students of their MBA programme.

Hemant C Trivedi
Senior Professor & Officiating Dean
School of Management, The NorthCap University, Gurugram

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