Monday, August 6, 2018

Haryana Police create awareness about mobile app ‘Durga Shakti’

During the Road Safety Week organized at NCU from 1-7 Aug 2018, to raise awareness about new safety measures introduced for women, a team from Haryana Police, Gurugram, visited the University on 6 August 2018. They updated girl students and lady staff members about Govt of Haryana’s recently launched mobile app ‘Durga Shakti’ by Haryana Police for the safety of women. They demonstrated the procedure for downloading the app and using it in case of emergency.

Talking about the effectiveness of ‘Durga Shakti’, Inspector Vikram Singh said that the app will connect to the closest police station as well as the Police Headquarters and this will enable women to get immediate help from the police. The aim of this app is to reduce the response time of the police in providing help to women in distress. Through this app the police will receive the distress message in a few seconds and will be able to provide help in a few minutes. Even if the caller is unable to speak, just on receiving the call the police will be able to trace the location of the caller and respond in a few minutes. The app aims to reduce crime against women and ensure their safety.

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