Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why an MBA?

Dr Sushmita Biswal Waraich
Associate Professor & Head,
School of Management
The NorthCap University , Gurugram

It is a very important question which needs to be answered when a student is planning to enroll for MBA i.e. Masters of Business Administration. It is here that for the first time after school, students with varied interests, specialties come under one umbrella, yet again. Students with engineering, non-engineering, medical, science, humanities, law, liberal arts etc. come together again. This is a really diverse confluence of students with a variety of interests with recently acquired knowledge from their respective areas of specialization.  

While pursuing your MBA course one gets ample opportunity to test one’s managerial abilities and business understanding. There is no other choice but honing up these two things. Irrespective of whether you are an engineer, lawyer, doctor or a pilot one’s ability to comprehend business is the need of the hour. Not only understanding business but also the market and the environment in which it operates is important because these contribute to affecting business either directly or indirectly.     

In today’s world, once you complete your MBA you opt either to be an employment generator (entrepreneur) or employment seeker (employee). In both the cases, business understanding and managerial skills are integral to your pursuit. Thus, the MBA degree is an opportunity to help you understand business functioning and give you a platform to develop your managerial abilities. Doing this will help you in senior management positions and roles in businesses. 

An MBA course is inter-disciplinary and at the least comprises of subjects from different disciplines like sociology, psychology, economics, finance, accounting, operations, human resources, international business, ethics etc. Moreover, with the changing times, courses contributing to running businesses effectively like data analytics, technology etc. get incorporated. 

The case studies, assignments, projects etc. which one undertakes during MBA will help you in understanding various businesses well. Through these, understanding the highs and lows that businesses face will make you empathetic and gear you up to handle them successfully. No doubt the internships and live projects help students closely understand the world of work.  While pursuing the course, it is quite pertinent for students to shoulder responsibilities, participate in different activities which will go on to help understand your strengths and weaknesses. Attitude building is also an important component of this grooming. Once you experience and experiment through different platforms, it gives you enough lead to apply and understand your interests and follow your passion. 

Precisely this is why, at The NorthCap University, while pursuing your management degree we provide ample opportunities to explore and identify your strengths and interests. Apart from classroom learning, through different clubs, committees and assignments students are provided platforms to unleash and realize their inner calling. All these together go a long way in making you masters in understanding businesses as well as administration.

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