Saturday, March 17, 2018

Is It Useful to Do M.Tech After Work Experience?

 PhD, MTech, NMIMS University, Mumbai
Associate Professor, Dept of EECE, NCU

M.Tech after working for a few years is beneficial if the job requires higher technical qualification or the person wants to upgrade himself/ herself technically. This is fruitful when the M.Tech course is pursued from a reputed college. There are multiple categories of M.Tech courses offered by some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi/ NCR.  The Northcap University which is one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi/NCR offers M.Tech in different branches of engineering including Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. It also offers specialization in various areas like in ECE specialization is offered in VLSI Design and Communication Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering also offer specialization in various areas. 

Studying for a Master’s degree after work experience is a viable option as after having hands-on work experience in an organization, practical concepts are easily understood. This option will be preferred when:

The job is not in a reputed company
The job is not giving enough exposure in the relevant area.
The foreseen growth in the next few years is not good enough
The area of work does not match with one’s interests 

On the other hand, pursuing M.Tech immediately after BE/B.Tech (without any work experience) makes a person better qualified for a job and hence it is possible to get a higher starting salary package than after graduation. This again depends on the institute from where the post graduate degree has been obtained. M.Tech courses done from one of the best engineering colleges will definitely help studies and into good placements.  This option should be preferred if:

A person wants to choose a specialization
The persons is quite clear about the area in which he/she wants to specialize 
Is keen to gain higher and deeper knowledge vis-à-vis work experience

In either case, one should choose a good M.Tech course from one of the best engineering colleges

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