Monday, 31 July 2017

Invited talk by Mr Peter de Jager from Ontario, Canada

Mr Peter de Jager
Mr Peter de Jager
Mr Peter de Jager, a world renowned speaker, orator and management consultant from Ontario, Canada gave an Invited talk to the School of Management,The NorthCap University on 25 July 2017 at the University auditorium on the topic ‘Problem Solving’.

“Problems don’t get solved until someone owns up and says it is a problem and finds a solution” was the opening of the interesting talk. For one to solve a problem, a right condition must be set up first to implement a solution. You become a problem solver if you know how your brain works. Humans are generally not good at processes. So understanding problems in their true raw nature is how it all starts. You understand the ‘givens’ then ask yourself, ‘what do I want to do with them’ and ‘to what end’. Get an understanding and agreement of what the problem is. This step when done with attention solves half the problem itself. What ‘operators’ do you use for the ‘givens’ to solve which ‘problem’ are the steps towards getting an understanding of the problem to be solved and agreement with it. 

During the course of his lecture, Mr Jager illustrated the different ways of how the brain processes a problem situation with examples. He concluded his lecture by saying that problems often arise out of our own perceptions and desire. It helps to be watchful of how we think. 

The students appreciated the highly interactive session and looked to more such invited talks in the future.

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