Thursday, 29 September 2016

White Belt Training in Six Sigma and Lean Basics

To mark the beginning of the practices that we follow to bring quality in every facet we achieve at The NorthCap University, our knowledge partner, American Society of Quality (ASQ) organized a one day programme in White Belt Training in Six Sigma and Lean basics on 24 September 2016. A total 102 students from Schools of Engineering, Law and Management, together took in all the brainstorming activities which were planned for the day. Students were first made to move out of their comfort zone and form teams with strangers. This enabled them to gain confidence and work together as a team. 

Following this the students were introduced to impossible situations which only be solved if they adopted “Out of the box” thinking. This year, the theme of the conference was “Make in India”. This was greatly appreciated by the students with the aid of Six Sigma which aims at reducing variations.

After several fun and thought invoking activities, students at the end of the conference, were able to understand the concept of efficiency, to set challenging yet achievable objectives, to implement a uniform approach to resolve all the problems and to keep working to achieve breakthrough processes to improve employee performance. This, in turn, helps the future executives to establish vision, challenge, and objectives and provide resources. 

The training was highly appreciated and was proven to be extremely beneficial for each student who took part in it. 

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