Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Role of Higher Education in the Transformation of India

Ms Prerna Chauhan
Centre for Languages Learning
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

As per the Higher Education in India-Vision 2030(FICCI & Ernst and Young), India will be amongst the youngest nations in the world in the coming decade. With nearly 140 million people in the college-going age group, one in every four graduates in the world will be a product of the Indian higher education system. India will have the largest population in the world in the higher education age bracket by 2030.Increasing urbanization and income levels will drive demand for higher education. India’s economy is expected to grow at a fast pace; industry and servicessectors will further dominate the economy Industry and services sectors in India would require a gross incremental workforce of Rs. 250 million by 2030. India could potentially emerge as a global supplier of skilled manpower.A transformative and innovative approach would be required across all levels of higher education: from curricula and pedagogy to the use of technology to partnerships, governance and funding. Making rapid progress over the next two decades would require a committed and concerted effort from all stakeholders involved i.e. academia, industry, and Government.

The NorthCap University located in Gurgaon, is one of the leading Management Universities in Haryana that is aligned with this vision and serves to incorporate a multipronged approach towards this transition.Its learner centered paradigm of education allows students to be lifelong learners stoking their passion for learning. The University fosters independent and critical thinking among its graduates alongside helping them keep pace with the changing nature of work environment. NCU offers industry-aligned courses that produce industry-ready graduates for a wide range of white collar jobs. Apart from its focus on functional skills that are core to the profession/industry of the students’ course, there is adequate focus on developing entrepreneurship and related soft skills for growth in communication and Interpersonal Skills.

One of the top Management Universities in Haryana, NCU attracts the best in class faculty to conduct research and as world class facilitators mentor students to reach their potential. It takes proactive measures to strengthen industry-academia linkages across all aspects of the education value chain, from curricula and faculty to infrastructure, research, and placements.

By 2030, the already existing challenges for Indian higher education – access, equity and quality – will only be greatly exacerbated unless we significantly transform our higher education model. India needs to pioneer a higher education model that is not just the best in the world, but the best for the world, delivering social, economic and intellectual value par excellence.

(With excerpts from: Higher Education in India-Vision 2030)

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