Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Planning is the first step for a project

Dr Amit Srivastava
Associate Professor  & Head,
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

Hello students!

Being a Civil Engineer, I give due importance to planning phase of any new project. It is just like your career which is also one mega project for which your parents have been planning for years. After your schooling, you start searching for various career options available but becoming an engineer from a good university is still a dream for many. I am sure many of you have already chosen your path /institution to achieve what you have already thought of and you have also started getting the flavor of exhaustive lectures, tutorials, laboratories and other academic activities with great earnestness. There are few who are still searching and looking for admissions among the top engineering institutions in India. Although, their planning phase is a little extended, but never mind! I may help you to decide where to go. Specially, those who are in Delhi – NCR there are several institutions who are still offering admissions in their various programs. Choice of program is definitely very personal and it depends on the current trend. I am sure you also give a thought to the future potential. Definitely, some job profiles which are at the top today may not be at the same position in a span of 4-6 years. The system is dynamic and it has shown its dynamism in recent past. But I am sure when it comes to Civil Engineering, it is evergreen and once you gain some experience the growth is exponential. Choosing Civil Engineering as a career is not a cake walk and the person choses have the will to say “SEE I WILL” (C + I + VIL). So, get prepared and pull up your socks to ensure admission in one of the prestigious private institutions in Gurgaon, i.e., The NorthCap University, in short, NCU. Securing a position in recent NIRF-2016 ranking and being in top 100 Universities (82nd position) in India, ensuring NAAC accreditation, NCU with its great infrastructure/ lab facilities and qualified faculty members make this place an excellent center for learning. Students get the opportunity to interact with industry experts, world class academia, visit sites, and do internships to explore all possibilities of becoming a good civil engineer. I am sure you will never find these opportunities in other engineering institutions. So give it a thought!!!

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