Thursday, 19 May 2016

Wanna to do Engineering……………..?????????

Hi Guys, Passed 12th with PCM? Want to do Engineering?? Oh!!! Confused?? Which branch? ECE, CSE, Mechanical, Civil, IT. Mechanical, civil, yes these are quite clear generally as you can visualize the things related to it. But what about CSE, IT, and ECE? A big question.

Isn’t the situation same as it were when you had to opt for PCM or PCB after your 10th? At that time also you would have taken opinions from your elders and your parents must have taken advices from their friends, colleagues etc etc. One answer was definitely “ whatever is your interest, opt for that or in which subject you have scored more Biology or Maths opt for that” Again question is to you and you must have thought that if I would be clear where I have had my interest then why I am asking you. Was it like this? But finally with lots of advices and all, you chose for PCM and completed your 12th.
What happened!!! The same type of scenario is in front of you again. Again you need guidance to choose the branch as you don’t know where you will find your interest. Whether you would be able to get a job or not. Yes, you can be employable after 4 years or even after 3.yrs you can have a job offer in your hand with a good salary package. At least enough you wouldn’t feel low while telling someone your LPA. Looking Unbelievable????? But the answer is “NO”. Its true, only you need to be dedicated and focused towards it.
What about Electronics?? You must be thinking “No No... Every other person is saying that Electronics market is going down, how I will get a job in this area and all. But if it so, then how you are experiencing daily new advanced electronic gadgets in the market. Whether it may be an apple i6 phone, laptop with i7 processor inside, i-pads, refrigerators with convertible modes, LED TVs with full Wi-Fi connectivity, Wow!! You can watch your favorite show “Friends” or “Permanent roommates” on youtube videos on your big screen. 

It’s not a joke. It’s all electronics playing behind it.  Have you ever opened an electronic device, what’s inside??  Must be seeing some printed circuit board, very small IC (a chip), some connectivity on board, but not with electrical wires, few very thin lines are running on board carrying millions of electrons. A full picture is running inside it and you are enjoying the show.

Curious??? How it’s all happening?  Now left on you, choice is yours….. Moreover its not only limited to this, It’s a big world …..Want to be part of it??….. You’re welcome to my next blog…

                  Rakhi Nangia

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