Wednesday, 11 May 2016

BBA: A Good Career Option

Ms. Jaya Ahuja
Asst Professor
School of Management
The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has gained popularity in recent years. The course includes the in-depth knowledge of business administration and commerce. It is designed as a professional course to make the student industry ready after graduation. The western culture preference of a work experience before pursuing MBA has influenced the Indian mindset. Students prefer to work before pursuing MBA. BBA is a course which instills practical knowledge in the student and is a complete professional program. Outstanding skills are required to manage the company’s business operations. The program provides knowledge of the business environment, analytical and operational resources required for business problem-solving.

Some of the major universities in India do not offer a specialization in BBA. The courses covered during BBA range from Basic principles of management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Economics, Statistics and many more. This helps in gaining a holistic approach towards the societal and business problems. This course is preferred over other bachelor programs as it is a 360 degree approach towards business rather than focusing only on some aspects like Commerce and Economics.
The NorthCap University (NCU), Gurgaon offers a 3 year Bachelor of Business Administration program. The unique feature of the program is specialization in HR, Marketing and Finance. The rationale for providing specialization is many students prefer to work in industry and then pursue MBA. Specialization provides advanced knowledge. The job options after completing BBA are wide. There are vacancies for job positions like Sales Representatives, Business Development Executives, Financial Assistant, Advertising and Retail. BBA graduate is also eligible to be a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary.  BBA is one of the oldest programs at the University. Large number of BBA students become entrepreneurs.
The BBA program at NCU offers core courses in all the area like Business Management, HR, Marketing, Finance etc. Specializations add icing on the cake. The pattern of BBA is different from any other UG programs. It is a composition of theory and practical. Summer internship is mandatory and considered to be very important. Students get internship opportunity from the University similar to MBA students. At the end semester students are required to submit a dissertation (Major Project) which is to be submitted on their area of specialization.

BBA program helps in building the overall personality and makes the student industry ready. It brings a professional change in an individual.


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