Thursday, February 11, 2016

Workshop on ‘Dealing with Relationships’

To equip students and faculty with interpersonal skills for navigating the complex world of relationships, a workshop was conducted by Mr Sanjeev Ailawadi, Commotion India, on the theme ‘Dealing with Relationships’ on 4 February 2016. Commotion India designs creative programmes to shape value systems of the youth. Mr Ailawadi, a social worker and community leader has more than thirty years of holistic counselling experience.

Through real life experiences and case studies, participants understood the association of personal, mutual and collective memories and how they affected a person’s perspective and reactions. Collective memories affect an individual’s  thinking and behaviour which keeps changing at various levels. In a group activity boys and girls shared their opinions and feelings about each other. Scientists believe that there is biological difference between the brain connections between men and women.

Overall, participants were helped to understand their own emotions, surrounding relationships and to identify key internal road-blocks for a healthy relationship. Mr Ailawadi said, “If you make good choices there will be strong relationships.” The workshop motivated the members to understand and learn practical tools to build better, stronger and enduring relationships.

The workshop was coordinated by Ms Nikita Kapoor, Psychologist and Counsellor of NCU, supported by Dr Shilpy Wadhwa and Ms Deepika Bishnoi (HR).

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