Wednesday, January 13, 2016

THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, Gurgaon Leading the Way on Education in Disaster Management

Disasters can occur anytime, anywhere without any prior warning. In a country like India, which is densely populated and highly vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters, proper education on different aspects of disaster management and its mitigation is necessary.

THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, one of the well-known universities in Delhi/NCR is running an Open Elective Course on Disaster Management from 2013 that is taught in all engineering braches. Disaster management education at NCU focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and related techniques,which in fact is also mandated by UGC. Being an educational and research institution, conscious of its role and responsibilities, THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY is by necessity involved in all the phases of Disaster Management, since it has taken upon itself the mission of training engineers who can directly contribute to the society.Other academic institutions can and should contribute in the training of their students particularly in the risk assessment phase of the disaster cycle and can also provide good research and education on risk associated with different types of disasters, help in framing the policies and strategies for disaster management and mitigation, and creating awareness in society through regular seminars, by illustrating risk assessment methodologies that can be used in vulnerable areas. THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY, a leading university in innovative learning methodologies, has shown the way and would like to collaborate with concerned agencies and institutions. 

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