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Social service or service to humanity is what differentiates us from animals.Our mission should be to help the vulnerable, powerless and the neglected and empower them to lead an independent and dignified life.In India, Government policy, legislative actions, schemes and provisions are in place to protect human rights and offer equal opportunities to all. But,unless it is a mass movement, not much change can be brought into the large sections of society that are under-privileged, marginalized and require help to join the mainstream and lead a productive life.

What does the University do?

Education is a powerful tool in fostering social change and creating a more hospitable and tolerant world.Colleges and universities have the potential to inculcate social values in the youth. The goal should be to have students go back to society and create value for themselves and others; students with a strong intention to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged and help them to live with dignity.
The social service club of THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY (NCU), one of the top private universities in India, considers it an essential part of education to help the sick, aged, deprived, disabled and the needy. It aims at the well-being of all Indians, irrespective of their religion, race, caste, creed or sex, so that they may lead a respectable life. It focuses on spreading happiness amongst different sections of society by regularly organizing activities such as:

• Blood donation camps on the University campusfor the benefit of the sick. 

• Slum Childrens’ Day through competitions (painting, singing, dancing etc.); movie shows; gifts; refreshments etc. 

• Invite young students of Government schools tosee aUniversity and get inspired topursue higher education. On one such occasion, on being asked what she wanted to do when she grew up,a girl replied, “Now I definitely want to become an engineer!”

• Student volunteers take forward the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign for a clean and healthy India and thereby a more productive India.
While most of us grumble about the lack of cleanliness and hygiene in our city or the absence of civic sense, how many of us take a lead to change the way things are? 

NCU’s Pro Chancellor, Professor PremVrat says, “As an educational institution of higher learning, we do not simply focus on academics but also in grooming responsible citizens for our country who possess good social and civic values. We are proud that our students not only recognize their duties as responsible citizens but put up compelling contribution by setting personal example.”

• Distribute clothes to the economically weaker sections through the Vastradaaninitiative.

• Provide basic amenities, medicines etc. to the old and the disabled inmates of the Old Age Home.Spend time with them, be empathetic listenersand make them feel wanted 

• Invite children from the orphanage and encourage them to participate in cultural programmes in the University. It’s a treat to see them happy and wanted!

Put your ego to one side and open yourself up to new experiences. It's worth thinking about the aged and the deprived. India has the largest youth population in the world. What if each one volunteers to give a little of their time every week to empower one needy person? NCU’smantra is ‘Empowered individuals make an empowered Nation’.

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Written By: Rekha Mathur

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