Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Volleyball Court, My Second Home

        Heemal Yadav

NCU is one of the best universities in Haryana that promotes excellence in studies as well as in co-curricular activities. It has been over a month since I started my life as a university student. I have been seeing new faces every day. But, it has been through the practice sessions at the volleyball court that I have started interacting with so many people. My seniors are encouraging and friendly. As we are a ragging free campus, there have been no cases of ragging.

Few days ago, a volleyball tournament took place in the campus. A total of eight teams participated. The teams were divided according to their fields of study. For example: Mechanical, Civil, CSE etc. The trials to get selected in these teams were quite competitive. Subsequently, new talent was given a chance.

Our first match was against EEE branch which was a nail biting game. The match went on till the last set. There was immense pressure on me but my seniors encouraged me a lot. It boosted my confidence. We won against EEE and reached the semi final. The scores were 25-21; 13-25; 13-15.

In the semifinal match, we were quite relaxed because we felt that the opponent team was not that strong. But, then, we thought that we should not take any risk at a delicate stage like this. We must put our best foot forward. We must not take any risk. And then, we won the match! It was a feeling which cannot be captured in words. My team, CSE entered the finals of the tournament. Honestly, we were exhausted by the end of the tournament. But, the desire to win and perform conquered this exhaustion. The coach motivated us too. These things helped us to win the tournament! I felt overjoyed.

In short, volleyball court has become my second home. The first, of course, is the University!

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