Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Should Ragging In University Be Banned?

       Deepansh Agrawal
Being a high school pass out and a college fresher, I had my apprehensions about the term “Ragging” and all the talks that were doing the rounds. Being an engineering student, I knew that I would be ragged sooner or later. This hyped misconception and fear was cleared on my very first day in the college when we were told that ragging is strictly banned in our university. That was definitely a sigh of relief but at the same time, not a very delighting news.
It’s been a month since I’ve joined and the ride has been joyous.

Before getting to the point whether ragging should be banned in universities or not, we first need to look at what exactly ragging is. The following definition seems apt.

“Ragging is an act of aggression committed by an individual or a group of individuals (say A) over another individual or a group of individuals (say B) where A, by virtue of their being senior to B somehow get the authority and audacity to commit the act and B, by virtue of their being new to the institution are automatic victims.”

Now we get a brief picture about the topic and we can further ponder about the point as to why it is done in the first place.
Ragging was formerly done to derive sadistic pleasure and show off one’s authority and power over the juniors.
Now a days, the scope of the definition has widened, courtesy to the stringent anti-ragging laws laid by the government which have to be mandatorily followed by the universities and colleges all over the country.

Today, ragging has become a polluted term and must be done away with. In lieu of ragging, introduction/ice breaking sessions are being carried out. What happens in such a session is that the seniors and the juniors, under the supervision of a teacher, are assembled in a room in which the seniors take the introduction of their juniors. In this introduction, a senior asks his junior to tell about himself and asks the latter to do an activity like dance, sing, etc. The most important aspect of this is that, this session is carried out only with the consent of the new joiners and they can back out whenever they feel uncomfortable. No questions asked. And the fact that a teacher is also present in the same room, the session is conducted in an orderly manner without any mishaps or vulgarity.

I regret as a fresher that I was deprived of such an enthralling experience. I feel the same for my seniors as well.

The agenda behind such a session is to bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniors. The main motive is to get the students to know each other better.
Not conducting such sessions will lead to differences between the students, unawareness of one another and lack of communication.

With that being said, I personally believe that we must impede the very concept of ragging and promote such introduction sessions which must be conducted for one and all under a supervised and a monitored environment. It will definitely reap benefits in the future.

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