Thursday, 11 June 2015

Placement News - 1st Day of Corporate Life!

Pulkit Garg
Class of 2015 ECE
Life's not a complete bed of roses, but a mixture of thorns and roses. When we are at the start of college life, we are all stress-free and enjoy each other’s company and every moment of it. But as soon we start heading towards the exit point, we have a fear of responsibilities. My fear of being independent eased off, when I practiced the advice 'face everything and rise'. I fought with my fears and landed a job at a prestigious organization – Fidelity Worldwide Investments. Our first day of orientation was really amazing. The peers, seniors, HR team and higher authorities were really amicable. On Day One, we were given an insight about the work culture, and areas into which Fidelity deals in. It was a thrilling and a class experience. Looking forward to my years at Fidelity Worldwide Investments.

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