Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Technovation – The Annual Project Day Celebrated on 17th April 2015

      Department of Computer Science BTech Student Projects
  1. Colour detector for Blind-Sahayak was developed by Mohit Chaudhry, Nikhil Gandhi, Sachin Sharma, Seerat Bassi and Twinkle Sharma. They were guided by Ms Shilpa Mahajan, Ms Divya Sharma and Ms Rita Chhikara. Using Microcontrollers, Sensors and Voice control mechanism the colour of the object can be detected and the sensed signals converted to sound that help a blind person to listen to the name of the colour and experience the colourful world. The developers’ motto was, ‘Stop living your life in darkness. We make help you to see or feel.’                                                

  2. RFID based person tracking system was prepared by S Renuka and Satinder Dagar under the able guidance of Ms Niharika Garg. The aim of the project is to track a passenger’s luggage at the airports using Near Field Communication and to minimize the misplacing or mismatching of luggage. The students say they developed the tracking system because “We hate the hassle at airports – the queuing up, security and then a lost baggage!!! We can get over it now by just wearing a wristband”.                                            

  3. Attendance System developed by Paras Malik, Sumedha Ahuja and Yaman Gaur mentored by Ms Meghna Sharma. The Attendance System will enable online attendance system through the medium of face detection and recognition. “The methodology includes image capturing in class, detection of faces within the images, recognizing faces and matching with database and finally marking attendance, based on matches. The face is more honest than the mouth will ever be!!!! ”, is the view of the developers. 
  4. Emotional interaction between humans and robots by student developers Abhishek Upperwal, Abhishek Yadav and Akshay Chugh guided by Mr Gaurav Gupta, Department of  Applied Sciences.The three steps of the working of the Robot involve:• Emotion Detection and Understanding• Emotion Synthesis/ Simulation• Generation of Artificial Emotion The developers clarify, “The gesture of a human can cause the robot to change its emotional state, which is exhibited by means of an integrated visual media, environmental lights, music, and changes in robot’s style of movement and behavior”.
  5. Intelligent Door Locking System-A camera controlled smart door using Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi and a web server prepared by Vikram Dhingra and Rohan Khanna mentored by Ms Nihaika Garg and Ms Usha Batra.  The students say, “Our project is a cost effective and robust Facial Recognition System that allows entry through a door only if a positive facial match is found. You can forget your keys, but you can't forget your face!”
  6. MARTIN - Sign Language to Alphabet Converter for Speech and Hearing Disabled Persons created by Prateek Maheshwari under the able guidance of Mr Gaurav Aggarwal.  The creators said, “Following the path of the great leader, Martin Luther King, our project Martin also strives to become the voice of millions of people whom God deprived of speech and hearing capabilities. Our project reads sign language, hand gestures and converts them into alphabets”.
Department Of Mechanical Engineering
  1. Design and fabrication of a deployable tensegrity chair was created by Bhuvnesh Bhatia, Nimit Jhamb, Pankil Chhabra and Paras Choudhary. They were mentored by Dr Feras Al-Hakkak. The students explained, “The project exhibits a tensegrity chair made of bamboo sticks and steel cables, which can be collapsed and deployed when required”.     

  2. Low temperature thermal desalination was prepared by Prateek Yadav, Sagar Gupta and Samarth Garg and guided by Ms Neha Bhatia. “It is an environment friendly and highly economical solution to the ever increasing degradation of water. Our desalination and purification plant is based on the latest principle of LTTD and is the best in this field”, said the developers.
  3. Development of a Hybrid 2 Wheeler Transmission by Abhishek, Anubhav Bhatnagar, Dipin Chugh and Rahul Saini under the guidance of  Mr Rohit Singh Lathar.  The students said, “The project addresses the development of a hybrid transmission technology by which the two wheeler can be operated in engine mode (highway/long distance) and motor mode (city/short distance), using a simple shift mechanism”.
  4. De-humidification of Indoor Air through solar water heater coupled with Evaporative Air Cooler prepared by Rakshit Gangwal, Sourav Kant, Sumangal Chugh, and Yogesh Kumar with Mr Devender Pathak and Mr Deepak Monga as their mentors. The developers explained, “The basic idea of the project is to integrate evaporative air cooling along with desiccant dehumidification and to utilize solar energy in order to present a sustainable model”.                                                                                                       

  5. Design and fabrication of social utility type of robot created by Deepanshu Shimalwal, Gagan Pahuja and Gaurav Bansal under the guidance of Ms Shiv Manjari Gopaliya. The creators demonstrated the working of their Robot and added,“This Robot can be used in a library to stack books or hold them and can also move them from one place to another, as desired”.
  6. Energy harvesting through Foot-steps developed by Sumit Dalal, Tushar Kaistha, Vishal Sangwan, Vismit Varshney mentored by Mr Anmol Bhatia and Ms Neha Bhatia. This project involves fabrication of machine which can generate an annual power of 2.1 MW energy, through footsteps, with the help of a rack and pinon mechanism. “This machine can be installed in any crowded area like a railway station and energy can be harvested easily,” say the developers.

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