Sunday, 12 April 2015

Movie Club – ITM University

 A screening of the movie ‘Interstellar’ was held at of ITM University, Gurgaon on 9th April 2015. The screening was done as a precursor to the formation of a Movie Club at the University, which would screen movies which will create an interest in scientific thought and a ideas of social relevance. The idea behind screening ‘Interstellar’ was to start with a film related to science, as most of the students and faculties at our university are from a science background. 

The students found the movie very interesting as it had a lot pf physics related elements that raised their curiosity. A lot of what is shown in the movie is taken from scientific theories, such as the ‘string theory’ or the ‘m-theory’ which talked about phenomenon such as wormholes, black holes, singularity, relativity and a universe having more than the 3 dimensions we perceive, etc. 

 All in all, a lot of interest was generated from this screening amongst the audience. It seems to be a sure sign that such a Movie Club would be a highly desired initiative especially if the films are chosen with care.

Write to back to Mr. Sidharth at for your choice of films and Register for the Movie Club.

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