Monday, 2 March 2015

I love ITMU Gurgaon, My Alma Mater!

"Do you tend to  pour your heart out when you hear about your old college / school and people around you have to shut you up for they are tired of listening to your same stories again and again. Do you always rate your college the best and give evidence for its glory and success assuming the role of a self-appointed PR? Do all college movies remind you of your own graduation days? Then you should sit down and put your thoughts across just like me on your Alma Mater. As an alumni of ITM University, I have more than a single reason to love it."

Studying at ITM University, Gurgaon was the best decision I took as it gave me a holistic experience ranging from exposure to unique learning environment, the thrill of positive competition to excellent learning infrastructure along with the ability to pursue a broad range of educational and recreational activities.

At my alma mater, the needs of the student were always kept first and that is the reason studying at ITM U is a cherished experience for life. A safe campus with emphasis on discipline and security of students along with excellent infrastructure and teaching faculties - is what sets it apart from its contemporaries. The students had a sense of ownership and belongingness in the University. For out of station students like me, ITM had hostel facility which was meant to provide the same care and comfort as your home. I can vouch for this as I still go back and meet our old matrons and other staff members who were an essential part of our growing phase. The faculty was well qualified, supportive and maintained a perfect student teacher relationship by mentoring and guiding us in and out of class. The practical/lab experiments were also very skillfully performed by our technical staff and allowed us in getting our hands dirty as expected from a true engineer.  The mix of studies with extra-curricular activities brought the best in each of us. The memories of our cultural fest aptly called Momentum brought lot of joy and mirth which broke the monotony of studies and we got an opportunity to showcase our skills.  

Being located in Gurgaon, we had locational advantage and the students were fortunate to be placed in top corporates which is the dream of every engineer, manager and lawyer.

The more I go back down the memory lane, more I feel blessed to be a part of this institute of learning which turned me into an all-rounder. The ties which were formed in those college days still last long and we still reminisce those magnificent days. Every college student has one wish to go back and revisit those times and I feel privileged that I get to live that dream. After completing my Post Graduation I joined back ITM University in HR department. A lot of developments have sprung up since I left and I take pride that all steps are in the right direction. 

Here’s wishing luck to the present students and hope they also take ITM‘s name forward and bring glory and pride to their alma mater.

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